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Post processors

Post processors

Customization of post processors is essential when working with machines or CNC controls due to their unique syntax, commands, and capabilities. In addition, customizing post processors allows you to optimize the machining process by considering factors such as tooling, material properties, cutting strategies, and specific machine capabilities.

When parts are designed using software such as CATIA, SOLIDWORKS or other CAD tools, the CAM software generates toolpaths and machining instructions based on the design specifications. However, these instructions must be converted into a format that the machine or CNC can understand and execute. This is where custom post processors come in, ensuring that the generated code meets the specific requirements of each machine and enables accurate and efficient machining of the designed parts.

In addition, post processors can be configured to optimize the machining process by taking into account factors such as tooling, material properties, cutting strategies and machine capabilities. By fine-tuning post processor settings, overall manufacturing efficiency can be improved, errors can be minimized, and high-quality finished parts can be produced.

Our team of expert engineers specializes in developing and refining post processors to facilitate precise and efficient machining operations.